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Veneer Project Ideas Options
Jack Grube
Posted: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 5:18:00 PM
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I am looking for an introductory veneer project for my first semester woodworking classes.
Doug Stowe
Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2006 10:16:36 PM
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Jack Grube wrote:
I am looking for an introductory veneer project for my first semester woodworking classes.

Jack, did you find one? Remember the box I brought to the meeting last year that had the veneers glued on the lid and that was covered with a grahite-shellac formula? That was a simple one. In the same vein, I have a picture frame project using the same decorative technique.

Ted's Roarokit kit is wonderful for making laminated lids for simple boxes. The one I had in Woodcraft a while back might be a bit difficult for beginners because of the curve, but a single vacuum lamination could glue up a number of tops for simple boxes. Cut wood with a scroll saw in layers of different colors, and then reassemble them mix and match. Tell the kids not to get too curvy in their cuts or the saw kerfs will cause some problems. Now, there you go. I was trying to figure out something to interest my 8th graders, and i just talked myself into having them making boxes.


Doug Stowe
Director Wisdom of the Hands at Clear Spring School
Author of books and articles for Taunton Press and Fine Woodworking
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Posted: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 2:48:28 PM
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Hi Jack

As Doug mentioned, our kit is great for teaching an introductory veneer project. I actually taught a couple of intro courses last year here in Toronto. For this course, instead of having the students buy our complete TAP kits I made up smaller re-usable 12" X 12" bags. The bags I made used the hand pump as a vacuum source. No electricity. This was great as the bags were inexpensive for me to make and could be used over and over for future classes. Another benefit of a smaller vacuum bag was that it limited the size of the project the student could make. Something that is important when the price of materials is a concern.

Another thing that you may be interested in is teaching students how to laminate skateboard decks. We have had lots of success teaching this to kids in the courses we support across the US and Canada in community centers, high schools and even a university in California.

As teachers, I feel we sometimes tend to design class projects that interested us when we were young. I believe the projects taught in our classes today should relate to what kids are presently interested in. I can think of many things such as:
- laminated laptop stand
- ipod holder
- skim board
- archery bow
- and finally but not least, the skateboard!

My preference is of course, the skateboard along with the TAP method of building one. It is a project that encompasses a lot of different learning criteria:
- atmospheric pressure can be used as a clamping tool
- laminated veneers can be strong but at the same time flexible
- how something as common as styrofoam can be used as a mold for shaping complex 3D objects
- design and graphics by applying individual designs on the finished decks.

One interesting project that a school recently did in New York state was to build, in the woodshop a number of decks. The students worked in teams. Once the decks were laminated, the class designed and painted custom graphics on each. As they were being built they advertised locally that the completed decks were going to be raffled off as a school fundraiser. I thought this was a fantastic way of getting the community interested and involved in what is happpening in their school woodshop.

I know some of the above may be more complicated than what you are looking for Jack. But I think having more information is always a good thing.

Hope this helps.


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