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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 4:55:10 PM

A big thank you goes out to Woodcraft for hosting this site.

Selecting Materials

It is selecting materials week. Soon we will be looking closer at the scroll saw and start watching project videos... that is if I can get a little more time to make more project videos.

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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Tuesday, September 8, 2020 4:29:23 PM

A big thank you goes out to Woodcraft for hosting this site.

Making The Airplane

Follow the link.

It is getting harder and harder to make time for producing these videos now that I'm helping the 6th graders who have come back to school early. This is only for students who might have situations that make it difficult to do distance learning. There is no getting around this. I just have to make the best of it.

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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Sunday, September 6, 2020 1:34:48 PM

A big thank you goes out to Woodcraft for hosting this site.


I think I'm getting the hang of this, but I'd still prefer in class learning.

This is an example of one of the many handouts I created for these assignments.

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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Friday, September 4, 2020 2:00:50 PM

A big thank you goes out to Woodcraft for hosting this site.

Make a cutting board

This is an older photo because I don't want to spoil the end of the new video by showing a current cutting board.

Here is a link to the video.

This video was challenging when everyone is pulling you one way or another. Finding time in between and then having a ton of technical issues makes for an interesting day, but I never give up.

I also shot another video that is waiting to be pieced together. I have a bunch of new lessons to post as well.

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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Saturday, August 29, 2020 11:58:28 AM

A big thank you goes out to Woodcraft for hosting this site.

The Wiener Dog Bank

I received a camera (from a family member) capable of shooting HD video. The learning curve was about three days. I decided to immediately put it to use making start-to-finish Youtube videos of all our projects. It begins with the Wiener Dog Bank.

This entails starting a Youtube channel. That only took a few minutes since I went through my google classroom account. A little bit of reading directions, a few clicks here and there and a channel is ready to publish more uploads. I'm definitely learning as I go.

One of the first issues I ran into was finding a good quality free video editor, and of all of them I tested, the original microsoft moviemaker seemed to be the easiest to use, and the final video took up less memory, about 10% of the first HD copy.

It really looks almost as clear on Youtube as if I had kept it in HD, until you put it on full screen. Only then do I notice it doesn't look as crystal clear as HD, but it saves so much space and looks fine for what we are using it to accomplish.

Another issue I ran into was microsoft moviemaker doesn't accept MOV files from the camera, so I had to download a program to convert them into a format the moviemaker would take. I used Format Factory, and have mixed feelings about that particular program. It was nice that it did a batch, but it's accompanying viewer doesn't work for me and it seems it has made itself the dominate viewer, something I dislike.

VLC is my viewer of choice. I figured out how to eliminate the FF viewer by getting rid of the FF viewer folder, something that stayed behind after uninstalling Format Factory.

In the mean time I spent several hours going through Youtube videos and testing the results with little success when I finally came to this video. It is an open source program that can be freely shared. It was easy and quick too. Avidemux 2.76

For my older computer I chose win32(XP) and it works better and seems quicker than Format Factory, but maybe that is simply wishful thinking. It was a single clip, not a batch of clips. Perhaps it is the same time requirement. It appears with some finagling, Avidemux will do a whole a batch at one time, but that gets more complicated.

Then I tried another video project and it really was lightening speed. I could do one at a time in a fraction of the time running an entire batch would be on Format Factory.

As I was testing, I also found my windows 10 laptop has Adobe Premiere Pro which eliminates the need for converting the files before bringing them into the program. Using an adobe how to video, I managed to find my way around and have more control in editing and less time exporting, or so it seems. But the videos don't export the way I would want them to look. It's hard to explain, but Moviemaker many ways does a better job.

It also seems to save using less memory, but at the cost of having the sound line up with the video. Nothing looks worse than appearing to be English dubbing when the mouth movement doesn't line up with the sound track. I may just go back to Format Factory and continue using moviemaker. Of everything I have done the past two days of investigating and testing, it gave the best results... however, there is another simple video editor on the windows 10 I have yet to try.

Depending on how much time I end up with before and after students come back, I will attempt to record these for every project. This one took a couple of hours to record, but now that I have one completed, I believe I can finish the next one faster. This additional work would require balancing lesson making with project video making. In fact, some of the lessons could (maybe even should) be watching these project videos and answering questions.

This might turn into something all students will continue using even when they are in class. By watching the videos after they have made their project choice, they can work a little more independently. Each step will be there with details, setting the stage for successfully completing projects with less teacher maintenance.

And since a second retirement is not far off, leaving these videos behind greatly enhances a "lesser experienced" teacher to easily take over.

Look back at 2014.

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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Friday, August 21, 2020 5:36:38 PM

A big thank you goes out to Woodcraft for hosting this site.

Trying to stay ahead and
trying not to stray off topic

Although building these lessons using my collection of multimedia material has been a pleasant enough task, I have to say... bring back the hands-on live person classes. I'm not buying the whole reasoning or timing behind the shut down.

Keeping students engaged is hard to do when you can't have them in class. Watching their expressions, answering their questions, seeing their progress makes it easier to gauge how well they are learning the concepts.

When we do finally start back, some students will choose to continue distance learning. That means I will have to keep providing at least one lesson per week with at least a five question quiz. I have more than enough material to last the school year.

Making quizzes on google slides allows the teacher to be more flexible with questions, like I did when making the measurement fill in the blank sheet. The only issue being they can't easily be self-correcting, or maybe they can't possibly be self-correcting. I'm still learning about google classroom so I can't tell for sure at this time.

But as I found out through experience while on the measurement lesson, it makes a huge difference on what order you place your items into the lesson. In the case of students automatically getting their own copy of the fill-in-the-blank quiz, it must be posted first.

OK... in other words, the quiz has to be the first post on the lesson, even before the PowerPoint. I'm sorry, but that messes with my OCD. Hahaha! If not posted first, the options for giving each student their own copy doesn't even show up in the menu.

Really? It was that temperamental. Even our resident google classroom expert had trouble with this one. I went to her for help. She showed me how to do this in a make believe lesson. She did not know about the order being an issue. She put in the quiz and it worked... but not for me on my highly involved lesson!

Once we realized through test after test, that the quiz had to be first in the lesson's order, it now seemed easy. But why does it have to be so difficult? It's just more maneuvering through the complicated google classroom maze.

I like posting problems like these here because it also becomes a reminder to me when I get stuck. I frequently find myself referring back to these posts. For example, I can look up where I bought scroll saw blades and which ones I bought, or the same when getting new abrasive sleeves for the oscillating spindle sander. I can see where they came from and what they cost, that sort of detail... which is always somewhere in the now thirteen pages of this thread.

You youthful guys will see what I mean some day. You will find as you age that you have to come up with ways around those cloudy senior moments. However, it doesn't have to be a huge thread of posts like this. It might be easier to put them in a notebook where you can find them as a hard copy when you need them.

I have found a whole new flexibility since being at this school which is one of the reasons why a notebook doesn't work so well for me since this school, for all it's good points, doesn't have enough room to give me some office space. I'm working most of the time out of a file box or keeping it on the computer knowing that computers can fail. Sorry, I'm straying off topic.

The Abrasives Lesson

This Abrasives PowerPoint presentation should really be directed more toward high school age, but this one is what I had readily available and it should work to get the point across with a younger audience.

This PowerPoint is one of the things I found missing from the drive, because google doesn't tell you if it doesn't have the room, it will simply transfer most of it, but not all of it and that leaves you guessing what is missing once you notice. Usually then you don't find what missing until you need it. (Sorry about that to anyone who is currently sharing my drive. Keep in mind that requesting a flash drive of this material assures everything is in it's place and all the links to other media is also intact unlike when it is opened with google slides.)

Don't you wish the image would allow you to click on these items to take a closer look. The quiz is basically a summary of the PowerPoint, especially as how this information pertains to our hands-on wood shop class or even home use of adhesives.

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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Friday, August 21, 2020 5:08:56 PM

Scheduling classes

Knowing we may be back in classes, I've have chosen what I think is not only interesting, but will also help the students when they return. Part of this is of course the entertainment value to keep student interest, and also to learn new skills.

The image shows one of the quirks of Google Classroom. The order always seems out of order. I'm sure that is mostly my inexperience and maybe I will learn how to keep it a bit more tidy in the future.

Hands on classes like these have a greater chance of reaching the hard to reach student because of the entertainment value of what we teach. I do try to take it a bit further by adding to the interesting material with references to academic classes like history, math, and science.

I'm sure glad that Woodcraft hasn't shut this site down yet. I'm hoping it stays open.

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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Thursday, August 13, 2020 3:00:18 PM

Week 4 Mechanical Fasteners

Our board decided to postpone school until September 7th. I've decided I had better get a few lessons ahead, so in no particular order, Mechanical Fasteners. I recently upgraded the image by cutting away non-essential white background so it is close up and easier to see.

We have handouts, videos and a 10 question quiz. The great part about having my google drive already loaded with materials is that building a distance lesson is easy, although I found the google PowerPoint viewer does have a few issues that require a run through for adjustments. That's still easier than making up something new on the fly. I can convert an existing quiz or since this is junior high, I usually end up making up an easier quiz.

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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Wednesday, August 5, 2020 3:06:07 PM

Building a quiz for the 3rd week assignment.

Building my first and second self-correcting quizzes has been fun. These links go to youtube videos which are a lifesaver. This example of a self-correcting quiz is in progress so changes are still being made. The first problem was fitting the image onto the page. It kept wanting to cut off the edges. As you can see, I finally figured it out. I was trying to place the image at the top in the header and it didn't want to give enough space for it.

Another problem with the small space is figuring out ways to ask multiple choice questions without giving away answers, especially on a topic like this. I'm sure I will eventually figure it out, but this is what I have so far.

I eventually added a statement about placing a check mark in the correct box. Here is the answer key...

Another way that might work better would be to make separate images asking with multiple choice responses. It would take up more space and I have yet to try it. Feel free to respond. What is the best way to make this quiz without giving away the answers?

***UPDATE*** I found this youtube video that talks about how to use Google slides to turn a pdf or jpeg image into an fill-in-the-blank document if you want to have a more traditional comprehensive assignment with fewer answer clues.

This was made by adding the image to the background of a Google slide. The blanks I added for answers are showing in this screen shot. However, it is not a self-correcting quiz, but it can be completed from home and submitted through Google classroom.

A view of what the final slide looks like and it doesn't show the text boxes.

You can see this is a much harder test that will really show student measuring competency. The first blank is a clue of how to add the correct answers to a text box and this would also be stated as part of the instructions.

I've gone back in and put answers so all text boxes will fit the correct response. I also adjusted the instructions.

This of course is week 3 lesson about measuring. It has a PowerPoint, two videos, an image and a 6th grade quiz and a 7th/8th grade quiz.

***UPDATE*** 8-17-2020 After sending this assignment out, there were issues with the quiz holding on to answers from the first student to try it so every student opening it after that had it already completed. After finding this out and with some good troubleshooting from a colleague, we managed to figure out that the quiz has to be listed first in order, or the choice of student receives a copy doesn't appear. For whatever reason it won't work in a different order. How weird is that glitch? After starting over, and abandoning the 6th grade quiz altogether, the assignment was relaunched late into the day. All those early-birds will have to try the test again (except for one student who I could actually witness putting their answers in the quiz just before we figured out what to change).

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Topic: New Project Ideas
Posted: Wednesday, August 5, 2020 2:34:41 PM

Distance Learning

This is a you tube video that shows how to get started using Google classroom.

This is a link to my intro video.

I've already had a few teachers request entry into my google drive. My biggest concern is that if they want to make changes, that they download their own copy and make their own changes so nothing on the drive gets altered. The amount of items I already have on the drive are really going to help me with distance learning over Google classroom.

Even though I am new to this medium, I'm posting my first two weeks of Google classroom assignments. Once I've posted, it changes the way you view it so I made this first image from the posted assignment... week 1.

This assignment went out to students over Google classroom Monday morning. There is an intro video, cover letter, permission slip, student behavior agreement, and safety rules that parents and students go over and discuss together so parents can sign off. I'm hoping this has students ready to begin once they return.

This next one is not yet posted, so it looks different as I keep changing and adjusting what is there... week 2.

Week 2 is almost ready to go. I'm waiting on a few videos being made by an outside source. There is also my first self-correcting quiz. I also had to figure out how to make the quiz so students can go back and retake the test as many times as they might need. It turns out it is a simple click on the gear in the upper right corner. Change it so students can edit after they have submitted.

This view is of the building of the assignment before you press the assign button also in the upper right corner.

***UPDATE*** 8-9-2020 The above image does not show these new additions because I wasn't sure these would be completed in time as it was a rush project. The guy who helped make these didn't really want to put them out so quick. They are still in progress and he is doing them for free. I told him they can still be polished up so they will be ready for Quarter 2 and he can feel better about the final product. Even though these aren't up to his standards right now, and were made in a rush, they still reflect the demonstrations I normally give during the 1st couple of weeks of school and will work for that purpose.

***UPDATE*** 8-10-2020 I didn't realize I had to mark the files as share so these links would work. If you tried to view and failed before, please try again.

Hot wire wood burner

Scroll saw

Drill press

Belt-disc sander

Band Saw

Oscillating Spindle Sander

Wood lathe Making a miniature baseball bat

Wood lathe Turning a goblet

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